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Watch the 4th edition of The Edge Series Student Summit.

The Edge Business Sustainability Platform

The Business Sustainability Programme is an expression of SwiftThink foundation. It is a free, interactive and educative session that holds every Thursday between the hours of 09:00 and 11:00 AM. It is specially designed for entrepreneurs who are given the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals in the business world. There is also a deliberate attempt by the BSP to promote networking and rapport building among participants.

Our aim at the BSP is to provide excellent networking opportunity for participants to make valuable connections with other business owners in their chosen field.

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Increase your skillsets
by attending our general session

This is a 2 – 3day event organised for interested and pre-registered individuals.

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The Edge Series Student Summit 2018 coming this July

The Edge Series pulls together formidable individuals to facilitate in a Student Summit that will allow students in our tertiary institutions tap from their wealth of experience at no cost to the students.

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