The Edge Series is a broad integrative platform brought to you by SwiftThink Limited. It exists to enable individuals and organisations discover and leverage both their innate and acquired edge by addressing multi layered touch point challenges. This we do through our series of practical value workshops, summits and gatherings both online and offline.

Our Evolution

"Evolution, at its fundamental level, is nothing more than layers of learning, adaptation and fluid dynamism."

With this at the back of our minds, we set out to bring Nigerian professionals and organisations together into a networking and learning gathering geared towards enabling participants discover and leverage their unique edge through a self-discovery and knowledge impartation process.

The first edition of this gathering, titled "Find Your Edge" was aimed at helping participants gain an edge within a highly competitive environment through effective communication skills. The learning we took away from the experience was intriguing. It became apparent to us that in order to achieve our ultimate goal of helping individuals and organisations discover and leverage edge, we need to address other issues beyond communication. Our vision remains the same, yet our approach and scope have expanded, becoming more holistic, unconventional and practical.

We live to address every touch point of the professional individual and organisation. We live to engage in conversations that transcend communication. It is not enough to "Find Your Edge”, it is now harnessing that edge in the most creative ways in an ever changing world. This gave birth to the "The Edge Series".
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