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We value your contributions to the community and encourage you to use our forums to interact with like minds on subject matters that are productive and focused to the theme for the edge series in the year applicable. To help us with this goal please ensure you adhere to the following community guides:

  • Your login details to the community is the same create during registration for the 2017 Student Summit Series
  • If you have not registered please do so now by visiting - theedge.com.ng/register
  • If you have registered and cannot recall what password you created, use the forgot password to recovered your details
  • Your posts should relate to the subject dictated by the topic/question. Especially, please don't post Scratchblocks or emoticons on topics/questions. Off topic posts are considered spam and may be deleted.
  • Post your question, contribution or perhaps an observation in the Q & A Section
  • Your Answer or comment should be related to the question, contribution or observation
  • There is a number with top and bottom arrow beside every question. Use the arrows to vote up or down a questions/post.
  • Before starting a new topic/questions, please check if there is already a similar one open on the subject. If so, contribute to it there.
  • Use good judgement.  Remember that contributions to the community often are personal opinions.
  • Posts that are being offered in exchange for personal gain, such as gifts, services, or money, will be removed.
  • All posts should be cordial and courteous. You have every right to disagree with your fellow community members and explain your perspective.
  • Do not harass other members of the community.
  • Do not rant. Ranting is defined here as a style of post that comes across as a political broadcast or an angry protest that does little to progress the discussion or to involve other posters. Such postings often feel like an intrusion into the general debate, regardless of the validity of the points being made.


The following examples of inappropriate community behavior are not allowed, and their content and the persons who post these contents may be removed from the community:

  • Rude, disruptive, harassing or vulgar posting
  • Non related questions and contributions such as religion, political, racial or sexual content
  • Spam, phishing, cross (duplicate) postings, excessive posting
  • Irrelevant, disrespectful contents including text, picture or video
  • Posts that are being offered in exchange for personal gain, such as gifts, services, or money
  • Promotional and advertorials of any kind


We reserve the rights to modify any posting without notice.

Thank your for your co-operation. 

Once again Welcome!

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